What? Here? Now?

living the unpaved.

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if i may…

may my searching after You be a desperate run.

may i long for Your presence so intently, that it consumes my soul.

may i become invisible. may i decrease, so You may increase.

may i cease to be seen, so that You can shine through.

may i hear what You see, so loud that it fells the walls.

may i love as You have loved.

may i be incomplete, that You may fill me.

may i be broken, that You may heal me.

may i be disturbed, that You may comfort me.

may i know beyond shadow of a doubt, that You have rescued my soul.


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fall on me..

fall on me, grace
before i fall apart
take these battered run-down knees of mine

take my heart before it beats its last
take my hands Lord
before they fail

fall on me, grace
before I fall apart
take the pain of broken bones Lord
and heal my heart

fall on me, grace
like rain on fields
renew, restore me

take my soul before it fades Lord
take my life before it wanes

Fall on me, grace
like breeze on the sea
Fall on me, love
come from Thee

may my longing after You be a desperate run