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The Fear


I’ve been worryin’ that my time is a little unclear
I’ve been worryin’ that I’m losing the ones I hold dear
I’ve been worryin’ that we all, live our lives, in the confines of fear

The Fear, Ben Howard

People (most often my family) express incredulity to my moving to NYC, asking, “Aren’t you scared? Isn’t there violence and isn’t it ridiculously expensive? And what are you going to do? Why would you do this?”

If I had to answer them, there would be a running theme similar to Bruce Banner, in the Avengers. Banner, having previously decided not to join the fight, finally shows up to join the action. Captain America says, “Doc… I think now is the perfect time for you to get angry.”

Banner responds:

That’s my secret friends. I’m always afraid.
I came to NYC for a week, alone, staying with a family member for a bit, and then a complete stranger for the last few days.
Trying to find a job, trying to secure a place to live, all seemed impossible, or that the odds were stacked so highly against me, I was sure to fail.
I am always afraid.

When I started this adventure back in January, I had no idea what I hoped to expect. Mostly it was a lot of fear. First, I had to think, can I really leave Dallas? The place where all my friends have become family? The place where my actual family lives so close?

The place where there is awesome Mexican food? And tortillas and salsa and Freebirds? (the small consolation is that there is Chipotle in NYC. Although true Freebirds fans will know, it is a poor substitute.)


How can I? How can I leave this comfy job that I’ve got? This comfy apartment that I have, that is way too big for the amount of rent I pay? The church that I moved to help build? The best friend of mine who pastors that place? How can I?

So much fear. Those are the questions that come out of fear. Questions that are more about comfort than a calling.
So, step by step, I processed following God through the fear, away from the comfort.


Author: whatherenow

life goal: finish last.

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