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holding our breath

there was once a quote by switchfoot:

Welcome to the fallout, where the truth and the shadows have become blurred. This is the incompletion. And we are holding our breath, but look! The winds of redemption have come to within the confines of our frozen fists. “Behold, I make all things new.” And in this newness there is hope for the hopeless, where the eternal lines of the heavens collide with our own humanity. In the divine comedy where up is down and down is up, we lose ourselves to find ourselves. Love is the movement. This is the revolution.

this is the incompletion, and we are holding our breath.

friend of mine in the ministry is holding his breath; waiting for God to make clear the next path. he seems to be at a crossroads, a stepping stone between fate and destiny. where the truth and the shadows have become blurred.

the winds of redemption have come to the confines of our frozen fists; the winds of redemption have come to the confines of our many walls, our many ideas.
where we lose ourselves to find ourselves.
i have seen people walk that path before; where the frustration with the way things are turns into a hope for the way things could be.
It seems that our frustrations coming to light in the field of youth ministry, as we wrestle and struggle with them, seems to continually lead in the direction of a solution that doesn’t mean simply youth ministry.
It seems in fact, that the solution to the problem comes in the form of complete radical transformation of the entire institution. Realizing the problem is deeper than what we first imagined it to be, and hearing the calling that perhaps, we who hear and see this incongruency are solely responsible for its undoing.
But maybe this is the remedy:
that church was never meant to be what we have practiced for so long, and we can see that in the hearts of the young people we work with, and in the resonance of their spirits with something different.
I think it is that point where the youth minister stops being a youth minister, and starts being what you have heard the whispers in your ears telling you that you are…


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I could be cliche, but I’ll refrain and start with a chorus…

I do this thing called youth ministry.

Which also means I often turn into a parent, a teacher, a hugger, a coach, a pick-me-up-after-school-er, an artist, a painter, a mr fixit, a journalist, a video tech, a printer un-jam-er, a task master, a telemarketer, a scape goat, and possibly my favorite, mind-reader.
(Youth ministers are psychic, didn’t you know?)

Sometimes I do this thing called graphic design. Some might call it therapy.

But I miss being a writer.